Saturday, March 19, 2011

Arrival in Athens

I have been feeling more than usually burnt out recently. So I thought a holiday was in order. I have been wanting to visit Greece for a while, so after checking online I decided on Athens, because it was cheap.

On Wednesday I flew from Dusseldorf to Athens via Paris.

Bitter experience has taught me not to trust taxi drivers. The information from the hotel suggested I took the metro, so that was what I did. Normally after I get off a flight, I normally wonder around the airport lost for a couple of hours. But this time, I found the trains quickly and got my ticket. The metro was very clean and modern.

In the carriage I acidently dropped a 5 Euro on he ground. An old couple, who couldn't speak English, told me it was there. Shit I thought, it was like I was testing Greece, now that I am living in Germany.

The hotel was meant to be near the metro station. The city seemed to be full of energy, with people walking around, even though it was close to midnight. I passed a little kiosk, it was still open, and I could buy beer. This is not Germany where everything closes around 8:00 pm. I found the hotel quickly. My room is a bit sparten, but what did I expect for the price. (There is very good wireless though)