Saturday, March 19, 2011

On being robbed

In Wuppertal I always carry a small rucksack on my back, just in case I need some stuff, or need a place to put shopping. On holiday, I also carry a small rucksack, for my books and stuff. Sometimes in Germany I would forget to close my rucksack and then people in the street would stop and tell me my bag was open.

Did I mention I once owned an Android tablet. Well no more!

I was drinking a coffee in a small cafe close to my hotel. There are a lot of ownerless dogs in Athens. They mostly see to lie down and sleep. There was a dog sleeping near me. This guy asked me if the dog was mine. He then started talking to me. He told me he was Italian, and he had lived in America and had visited the UK, when he finally understood I was English. He told me he was just visiting Athens for the first time. He wanted to meet up at 18:00. The trouble is he sounded like a street hassler getting me ready for a con. Somehow he just talked too much.

o I was wandering around Athens trying to avoid the coffee bar the guy was going to wait for me in. I started to get lost. It was past 18:00 and I needed a piss, so I stopped in a bar. I was the only customer in the bar. The landlord was takking on the phone with someone in Greek, but I think he was trying to set skype up. I noticed that my ruxksack was open. "Idiot", I thought and closed the bag, after I had checked that nothing had fallen out.

After the bar, I got more lost in Athens. I found a metro station, but it was closed up. I think the metro was closed that day. It was not a great area to walk around, because there were a lot of "sex shops", although it wasn't a red light district. I was on a main road and was trying to figure out whether to go right or left on the road to get back to my hotel. There was a small corridor on one of the pavements, because of some building work. I felt someone behind me a bit and I speeded up. I am not a fast walker, so people busy trying to get home needed to get pass me. As I was trying to figure out how to get home, I noticed that my bag was open again. I checked the contents -- my android tablet was missing. Bastards!

I am not completely sure how they could sell a cheap Android tablet made in China. Also they missed the charger. What would Socrates have done I asked myself? So I went for a beer in a quiet bar amd then got a taxi back to the hotel.

When I got back to my hotel. The guy at the desk told me that someone had phoned for me, but he didn't have any details, because he wasn't on duty. This was a bit weird, because no one knew I was here. Paranoia costs nothing.