Saturday, March 19, 2011

first day in Athens

So after getting a map from the hotel, I first walked the wrong way from the interesting parts of Athens towards Omonia square. I found a cafe in a tent, where I had a coffee and a big doughnut. A day later, I was warned off this square, by a polite Greek scammer, but it was OK foe coffee. I walked towards the more historical areas of the city, after I got the map the correct way round.

My hotel was near Monastiraki square. I walked around the general area. Unfortunately, I was in a reading mood. Rather than buy a guide book, I got a copy of a crime thriller set in Athens. The book was "Assassins of Athens" (Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mystery) by Jeffrey Siger. I had purchased that book via Kindle, and was reading it on my Android tablet (but more of that later). The book was a crime novel set in the high society of Athens. A son is killed and the police's investigation reaches the top of Greece's society.