Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last night's dreams

I started the dream in a bar. I threw one of my friends over a table. I did that a couple of times. The last time he spun over and hit a pillar. As I woke up I wondered why I did that. One reason was that I was strong enough, and also I was a bit mad because I wasn't drinking.

Later in the night. I was a detective in an office. I had some weird disease that made my body produce bluetack (this is something that can be used to stick paper to a door). I was hanging out with a cat, who I kept forgetting to feed. (Look it wasn't my cat). Later my body produced a lot of bluetack. I managed to pull it off and the floor was covered with bloody bluetack. Later I saw the cat. I thought, I have forgotten to feed it, but it it looked fat. No I thought, it has eaten the bluetack. The cat tried to bite me and I woke up.