Monday, January 30, 2012

On being fat

I sometimes meet people at conferences just once every one or two years. A number of peple had helpfully told me that I am fat now. This is of course true.
I could explain the reasons, but I wasn't working out and I was easting and drinking too much -- all the usual stuff.

Around October of last year I cut down on what I was eating. Only fruit for desert. Nothing hard core. I was 104 kg. Now if i believe my scales I am 94 kg. I feel better, but I am still have a big beer gut. I am a bit paranoid, because I had a lot of problems taking my first weight. I am worried that someone is sneaking into my flat and changing the scales so that I think I am losing weight -- and then one day I am back at 104 kg.

No one has said to me, gosh Craig you look as though you have lost weight. I know everyone hates me and wants me dead, but somebody could pretend to care about my health. Perhaps I am just fooling myself.

I was going to post a phot of my belly so we would have a record of what i look like, if I reach my target of 84 kg weight, but frankly that would be cruel to you dear reader.

In fact I should have done some press ups rather than  write this post. You have really destroyed my fitness regime, I am now going to have a couple of beers. I will never weigh below 90 kg....