Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Drinking in Brighton

The weather was fantastic in Brighton, so I manly sat outside and read my kindle. I did notice that Brighton is a bit of a party town/ There were not enough seats outside. A couple of times I sat down to start reading my book after breakfast. People sat beside me and started drinking. One time in the small park in front of my hotel. Two guys started on the vodka and orange. One of the guys asked me about my leg. He has some problem with his lung. Everyone is polite when they start drinking.They didn't offer me a drink I might add.

Another couple started drinking cans of cider in the morning on a park bench. They too were polite.

I didn't take a beer with lunch and I felt better for it. I did drink before dinner after 17:00, well I was on holiday. It is so expensive to drink in pubs now. I am almost paying 5 pounds for each beer. In one pub I noticed that they had a vending machine in the toilets which sold Viagra, rather than the more standard condoms. Most of the pubs were fairly empty, because it was a weeknight.

I did find an upscale Coctail bar where I drank my first Martini. Essentially, I ordered a "Vesper", which is a drink created by James Bond. This was not cheap, but I did get two for one.

This is why it is best to go on holiday with a girl friend. I was a bit woozy, so  I walked back to my hotel, I thought I would have a beer to sober me up. The bar I walked inn turned out to be a gay bar, but that was no big deal. It was two for one on beers, so I ended up with two pints. The server did say I didn't have to take the second beer, but did I mention how expensive it is to drink in pubs these days..

Suddenly I could see what people ended up drinking in the morning in Brighton. It was time to leave for the sake of my liver. I took a train to Eastbourne.