Monday, August 29, 2016

It couldn't happen here.

It is a bank holiday today in the UK. I did intend to do some more and indeed I did some in the morning. In the afternoon, I saw the sun shimmering and bright. I decided to finish reading the book: It can't happen here by Sinclair Lewis.  The story is about an American president who turrns himself into a dictator. I read it because it was recommended  as a  good book to understand the bid of Trump to become president of the USA.

I can see many parallels with the appeal of Trump. One big difference is that the plot in the book setting up of an SS like organization called the "minute men", which takes power,   however Trump is too disorganized to set up such an organization. I doubt that if Lewis was writing the novel now, he would worry about the communists at all.  It is written is a very lively style.