Saturday, August 13, 2016

Start of a holiday in Brighton (on being banned from a Gay pride event)

Normally I take holidays outside the UK, because the weather is better and normally even with the airfare, it still turns out to be cheaper. This year I decided to have a holiday in Brighton UK It took just under 6 hours to get from Plymouth to Brighton. I tried to get a taxi from the railway station to the hotel. There was the end of a big gay pride event and the taxi driver thought my hotel was in the restricted area, where the main party was. As it happened my hotel was outside the area, where a wristband was required. The taxi left me at the wrong point and it took some time to find my hotel.

My hotel room did indeed have a sea view. After checking in I wondered around. There was a big party area, which I  couldn't go into because I didn't have a wristband. There was a lot of music. Many people were carrying around cans of beer, so it was a traditional British event.  I drank a German beer, then I ate a huge mixed grill meal from a Turkish restaurant. I was so full I could barely move. I was just sat on a piece of concrete. One of the security guys for the gay pride event went over to talk to me. I had a couple of scabs on my leg after banging into things. These were not serious, but they looked a bit bad. he told me they probably would not let me into the guy pride event, because of my leg. He felt that I would fall over. I didn't actually want to go in, I was just digesting my food.
Still I was banned from a gay pride event. Us people with bad legs should organize our own musical events with chairs and hotels with lifts. There will be much hopping madness.