Thursday, February 23, 2006

beer festival

I went to the Liverpool beer festival last FRiday. It was all very sophisticated. There were many different types of beer to choose. I drank a number of nice ales from around the UK. I did want ti drink a 1/2 of aaran ale, but it was sold out. Why was this beer so popular. Did the people who drank it suddenly get magic powers. I just imagine that all around Liverpool, there where people who were flying or charming snakes. Perhaps, the beer was so magical that it could remove a beer gut and give the real ale crowd more hair. Ummm, I am a dreamer. I feel that beer drinking should involve suffering. If I want to drink aaran ale, I should travel through the howling wind and visit aaran. After many days of walking, I might perhaps be allowed a glass of the magic stuff, if I found the pub at the top of a lonely wild mountain. Till then I am stuck with stella.