Sunday, February 26, 2006


At the gig on FRiday I took a piss in the toilets at the bottom of the guild. I heard someone saying that if Liverpool University was meant to be a to such a top city University, then why where the toilets such a piss stained mess. He felt that the students might be put off when they visited. I am sure this type of problem is not seen by senior management of Liverpool University, who no doubt have their keys to their own private toilets that are sweetly perfumed by flowers from China. I did think that perhaps the members of Liverpool University senior managament might want to see how the other half lives, by taking a dump in the student guild toilets. I might even buy a toilet roll for them and hold the door shut while they humbled themselves by living like us normal folks. As I turned around I saw that someone had cut "Captain Beafheart" in the door with a knife. Ok, so perhaps the toilets are not clean, but they do have a certain charm for the diserning music lover.