Sunday, February 26, 2006

another bad capote day

This Capote thing is getting on my nerves. I wanted to get a copy of "in cold blood" by Capote. I thought I could cheat by going to the University Library. There should have been two copies, but there were none. I thought this book was meant to be a novel, but it seems to be classified in the criminal section. The library on Sunday seems to be full of women. Normally this would be sweet, but when you are trying to find a book called "in cold blood" that is in section filled with books about jack the ripper, violence against women, and the aging criminal, you find that yes, female readers notice you, but not in a good way. It looked as though the book has been stolen. Fine, I thought, let me go back and see Mr Amazon take care of my base needs. The web surf thing took way longer than I thought. The movie tie in thing is not working for this Capote film. I finaly ordered the book, so it can join the pile of books to be read. Even as my shelves fill with DVDs, I just want to read the book before I see the film. Is that so wrong?