Tuesday, February 28, 2006

heads or tails

I have spent the day feeling a bit bitter. Such is life is when you get older. Sometimes chance deals you a good hand, and other times it pisses in your face. I was just turning off the lights to go to my lonely bed. I noticed that a pound coian was standing on its edge. I find it difficult to believe that I have the coordinatation or interest to put a pound coin on its edge. Perhaps I was trying to decide some future course by spinning a coin. This seems unlikey. My place has clearly been searched by the CIA, or Mi5, or somedody hidden in the bowels of somegoverment. I would be scared if I had anything to hide. Even my kownledge of location of the hippy stick, hidden beneath my laziness and sloth, is of no interest to the powers that be, even though it could destroy them all.