Sunday, May 20, 2007


Like many people I am starting to worry about my "carbon footprint". (Ok, I don't worry about it in the sense that I am not going to not attend two conferences in Germany this year, or go on holiday to Poland, but I will wring my hands a bit). I think the only responsible thing to do is semi-regularly publish picture of my rubbish bin. This will show how much packaging that I am using. So you will find the state of my bin today. There is no recycling in this part of Glasgow. Also, I am trying to cut down on having a couple of beers before I go to bed. After a week, my bin is full of shiny aluminum cans. This is probably not a good habit. I am baring this intimate details of my life. Other people may have hidden in their kitchens, bins full of dead dogs, bloody condoms, drug pipes, and playboy magazines, but I am not afraid to show the full details of my life.