Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Since I have been living in Glasgow I have been going out much less. This might be because I live in a nicer place where people don't throw rocks through the window, or it might be one of those age things. Look why would I want to go out when I see scary things from my windows. It is marching season in Glasgow. Marching doesn't seem to attract beautiful people. I did venture out to go shopping down Great Western Rd on Sunday. There are so many "ethnic" shops in Glasgow. I got some chillies from a Mexican shop on Great Western Rd. I had to wait because a bunch of lads from Northern Island, really each needed the Mexican sandwich from the shop. I have to admit there was a choice between getting 9/10 hot chillies and getting 3/10 dried chillies. The packet for 9/10 chillies warned about even touching the chillies. There are certain realities about the way I live. After I prepared my salad and chillis, I went to the toilet. I suddenly thought, perhaps I should wash my hands before I use the toilet after I have prepared chillis. This chilli trip is all going to end in tears.