Thursday, May 10, 2007

What's cool in my musical household

Joanna Newsom. Harp playing is cool again. Joanna gets a lot of name check from radio6 DJs. I own her CD called "Ys". A very different sound. Rumour has she is an item with Bill Callahan (who used to be known as SMOG). My jealousy is more bizzare, because I don't know what she looks like. I still need her first CD, as well as the latest from Bill Callahan . Joan as police woman. I almost went to see Joan as police woman play in the West End, but I was sick and trying to hit some deadline (that seemed important at the time). Joan is another chic with a weird and harsh singing voice. Grinderman. This is Nick Cave with most of the bad seeds. It is noisy aggressive stuff. What's not cool. I am not going to get the new artic monkeys CD. Why bother? I liked the first artic monkeys CD, but I lost interest when Gordon Brown said he had it on his Ipod (yeah right). Also I am not too excited about the new White Stripes CD. Somehow, the sound of the white stripes has become diluted. So now you know.