Tuesday, May 22, 2007

two days in my life

As I walked to work on Monday I saw a big white truck. I was surprised to see an older woman with whitish hair driving it. On the side of the truck was written "Correctional unit". I wanted to bang on the side of the truck -- for the purposes of solidarity with the comrade who who was clearly on the way to one of her Majesty's long term hotels, but I didn't because I hesitated. I was going to write about some event I had witnessed as I walked to work today, but my mind was total blank. I couldn't remember anything about my journey to work. I then started to recall the speaker on "thought for today", on the Today program on the radio, talk about how he got sacked for stealing a packet of cigarettes when he worked at a pub. I thought it was kind of a strange story for a priest to use, but then perhaps he was lying. When I was putting my rubbish out, I suddenly felt something lick my hand. A white bulldog had been left outside the Tenement building. The area is enclosed, so he couldn't get out. I petted him for a while. He was a very friendly dog. I like dogs, but I don't really live a life style where I can take care of one. There are lots of places to take a dog for a walk around here. The dog looked betrayed when I locked him back outside. I like dogs.