Thursday, January 24, 2008


One part of "the lay guide" involved asking a woman around to look at your CD collection. There was a right and wrong way to do this. Umm, I am glad I read that because if I invite someone round to look at my CDs, then they are going to looks at my CDs. If I hear any negative comments, they get thrown out of the flat. Below is a list of CDs in my room with the computer, that a poor unfortunate visitor who be forced to listen to. Anthony and the Johnsons "secretly Canadian" (anguished singing). Elbow -- a cast of thousands (famous Manchester band) Jolie Holland -- Escondia (new country / folk) Violent Femmes -- Permanant Record: the very best of Gallows -- Orchestra of Wolves (new punk band) Can -- Tago-Mago (Kraut Rock) The lovers -- The lovers. french music Regina Spektor -- Soviet kitsch (distorted female singer) Blue cheer -- Vincebus eruption (Loud 60s blues / heavy band)