Thursday, January 24, 2008

The lay guide

This week I finished reading "The layguide -- the rules of the game, how to become the ultimate pick up artist". In my defense of reading a book on picking women up, I would like to point out terms such as "the neg" or "wingman" are now part of the common culture. So a well read person needs to know them. I can rememeber exactly when I started reading this, but I dimly rememeber that I bourght it in Liverpool. Anyway I think it has taken over a year for me to finish this book. Given that the book is all about getting more sex, that tells that I didn't enjoy the book. I had the most problems with the first part, where the woman is approached. I would read a couple of pages and then I would get up and say "I am not saying that." However after reading the book I have decided that I am not going to use my favourite chat up line: "who is youir favourite singer out of Kevin Coyne and Phil Ochs?", anymore. Even after reading the book I still like so I am a lost cause. I enjoyed the second part of the book more. Somehow this seemed more useful. Are the women of Glasgow ready for the new confident me. Probably.