Sunday, January 27, 2008

A test of my moral fiber.

I was siting down when I heard scraping sounds. I suddenly thought, there is a bird trapped in the chimney. How did it get there? There was a lot of scratching and what sounded like the flapping of wings. There is fitted fire in fireplace so there is no easy access to the chimney. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. Ring the landlord or the fire service for them to pull the bird out I have various tools that I don't know how to use. so perhaps I could have freed the little bird with my trusty hammer. The other option would have been to ignore the sound and spend the next two days listening to the poor bird die. We are not talking about a beautiful song bird, whose song fills the listeners with delight, or a mighty eagle that soars above us. I doubted whether it was a wise owl. It was more likely a pigeon and I was expected to free it so it could sh*t on my windows again. The sound died after a 30 seconds, so my moral character was not tested (probably a good thing). Perhaps I am going insane. It would be cool to see a colourful warped reality.