Friday, July 02, 2010

Dear old blighty

So last week I spent a couple of days in the UK for some R and R. I flew into the Leeds-Bradford airport from Dusseldorf airport. The duty free shop at Dusseldorf airport was giving out 2 Euro vouchers. They were also selling small bottles of nasty Vodka like booze for 3.50 that is regularly sold near the checkouts of German supermarkets. My head said no, but my greedy heart thought I would deserve a couple of shots after so much travelling.

Because the flight didn't get into until 21:30, I had to stay in a hotel in Bradford. On the flight I worried that I wouldn't make closing time at 23:00 (this is still an English disease even with relaxed opening times). My hotel was actually a room in a pub, so I managed a couple of pints before bed. As I sat at the bar I heard a two men and a woman talk pub talk about various boozers in Birmingham and their life in general. Their conversation was slow, slurred and boring, and I thought I remember why I don't spend much time in pubs.

So what has changed in the UK, while I have been away. I noticed that people crossed the road even if the red man was showing on the on the pedestrian sign. "Fucking Auslanders", I thought. In Germany I always wait for the greenman to show, partly so that I don't stick out, but mostly because I am usually out of breath.

Another new custom I noticed was that if you stay at someones house it is considered rude to say "there are 10 episodes" of the new Dr Who series on the Iplayer. I am now going to watch them all. Then we can decide what to do after that". Who makes these rules?