Saturday, July 24, 2010

Elberfelder Cocktail

I feel the need to party. So I was happy to see posters for "Elberfelder Cocktail" for this weekend. (Elberfeld is one of the towns that became Wuppertal).

I had visions of me sitting in some open air cocktail bar drinking Martinis. I wasn't thinking about me being sophisticated, but more drinking in the vein of Hunter S. Thompson, except I might need to bang my fists on the table, shout at people, foam at the a mouth, and just let go. The stagger back home to drink beer and fall asleep.

In reality what happened was: I went down to this "little festival". Essentially there were a number of stalls close to the streets near the railway station. In a square there was a stage and more stalls. For 6.50 Euros cocktails were available. It was a crowd of family and Saturday afternoon shoppers. So no crazy wild people at all (or lose women), just people enjoying the cool dry weather. I decided against trying a cocktail. I have too much to do.