Saturday, July 31, 2010

a tale of vodka

I was going shopping to the small Kaufman supermarket close to the University. I noticed that for a mere 5 Euros I could get a bottle of Boris Yeltsin Vodka. I was excited by this, partly because it seemed like a completely bizarre thing to see. Yeah Yeltsin liked Vodka, but not in a good way. Anyway I didn't buy any, but I am regretting the decision already, because it would make a good story. But I needed a rest from my dissolute life style.

I once tried to order vodka made in Liverpool in a Russian restaurant in Liverpool, because someone told me it existed. The waiter looked at me with a little contempt. Later I found that there is indeed a brand of Vodka that comes from Liverpool, but it is a cheap and nasty brand.

The wikipedia article on Yeltsin claims that he had medical or prescription drug problems that caused him to have problems (just trying to be fair).