Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday night

I am bored! Sometimes people ask me what I do on Friday night in Germany. I start to look shifty and mutter "nothing much", and they look at me knowingly and probably assume that I get dead drunk in some Wuppertal dive bar.

What I actually used to do on a Friday night was to watch kungfu movies dubbed into German on one of the cable channels. But now no more. On Tuesday I came home to find that I had lost 20 of my cable channels. So no more kungfu for me. There is some notice on the wall of the apartment, the only bit I understand is that there are now only 10 analogue channels. Perhaps this is a punishment for England getting knocked out of the World cup.

I could read more books, but I have now worked out how to rent movies with Itunes, so I have a Ninja movie waiting for me on my hard drive. Friday night is back baby.