Saturday, August 28, 2010

Duff beer

It was Duff beer that finally convinced me that Capitalism was doomed. Even after the banking problems had destroyed the economies of the Western world, I still believed in the power of the market. Thatcher's hidden pins has excised any thoughts of alternative ways of running economies, but a 12 oz bottle of beer cured me.

I was excited to see a 6 pack of Duff beer a couple of weeks ago in the City Akeda supermarket in the centre of Wuppertal. Wow, I thought why hasn't anyone thought of that before. Billions of people like the Simpsons. I watch it in German here.

I was telling me somebody that I had seen Duff beer for sale. They said it was no good beer. I normally only go to the City Akeda once a week. So I was in on Friday, and I noticed I could get a 12 oz bottle of Duff beer. To twitterize this story: "Duff beer tastes like shit". I didn't feel too good today, after drinking the duff beer, but that might have been because of the other, tasty, German beers I had drunk as well (to get rid of the taste of Duff beer out of my mouth).

No doubt the reason Duff beer took so long to be produced, was because of licensing problems. Why does it taste like crap? It has taken them over 10 years to make a cartoon beer real, and it tasted worse than Bud Lite. This is why the American economy is fucked!

Thanks to wikipedia it looks as though I have drunk the Mexican duff beer.