Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wuppertal Botantical Gardens

So last week I failed to go to the Botanical gardens in Wuppertal. After walking up nearly a million steps, I couldn't face walking up the next billion steps that seemed to stretch out into heaven. This Friday I decided that I would make it to the Gardens. Here are the steps, that stopped my journey last weekend.

So up the steps I trudged, into the clouds, and frankly almost to the edge of space. After getting to top level, it took a while to find the entrance. But then I was in and what a mythical place it was: a tower, some green shit (trees and grass), and some green houses. Also there was a fountain called "kein Wasser trinken". It made the destruction of my legs worthwhile.

After this test of endurance and mental strength it was time to celebrate by going to the pub. I decided on a traditional German pub as you can see.