Saturday, August 07, 2010

Friday night quest ruined by the love of beer

Well Wuppertal has broken me.

I have felt that I have spent too much time in my flat drinking beer and watching TV. So I thought I needed a lifestyle change, perhaps drinking beer in a bar. Also I have been shopping at the same fairly small supermarket, so I should go to the shops down in the center of Wuppertal. So for the last two Fridays, after work, I have gone to the downtown of Wuppertal to shop and chug a couple of beers.

Yesterday I thought I would visit the Botanical Gardens that is allegedly close to the centre of Wuppertal. I have made two previous attempts to find these Gardens, but this time I thought I would take a map. Everything started well. I started from the main railway station and followed the map though some back streets. I then saw a sign for the Gardens. Then I saw the steps, and even worse these were named steps. Walking around Wuppertal always involves walking up and down hills. I had already walked down from the University on a big hill. The fact that the steps were named suggested that they went up a long long way. But I though in the spirit of adventure, I would go up.

So up the steps I huffed and puffed and hit another road. I walked along the road looking for these blasted gardens. I saw a sign for the Botanical gardens, and then I saw more fucking steps. No I thought. No! No more steps. I can remember happy boozy early evenings, after work, on a Friday in Liverpool or Glasgow. None of which involved spending all evening walking up steps. There seemed to be steps everywhere I looked. There were steps on the outside of all the high buildings, that seemed to mock me. I was just the uncertainity. Even if I struggled up the next level of steps, perhaps there would more steps. Was I that interested in these mythical gardens. There will just be some grass and a tree or so. I had found a nice bar on route. So I turned back.

A bit later I was the only customer in a bar close to the City Arcadia. I was thinking that this quest is really a metaphor for my life. I had failed. I am so unfit that a few steps defeated me. But next week I will try again. When I get to the top of those steps, I will be like Rocky, and jump around and shadow box. So next week I could be strolling in the Botanical gardens, and looking at the grass, trees and other outdoor shit. Unless of course it is raining.