Saturday, September 18, 2010

Franz Ferdinand

In the afternoon I went to museum of military history in Vienna. It took a while to find the place. It was hidden behind the southern railway station. The museum was a celebration of the Austrian military, particularly there role in UN peace keeping missions.

Although I am a pacifist, I still need to see swords and guns. It was a shabby museum, but it had a lot of interesting stuff in it.

I hope you enjoy the two pictures. I got told off for taking them, by a security guard. Normally I don't take pictures, but I am getting more into it. Other people were taking huge amounts of pictures, but I think the problem was the flash. I was given two 5 minute lectures about this in German. Almost none of which I understood. I also didn't know how to switch the flash off, so I took no more pictures. At some stage I did wonder whether the guard wanted to see my camera, because I had broken some kind of Austrian security.

The reason I had gone to the museum was because they had some stuff about Franz Ferdinand in it. There was the car he was assassinated in and his blood soaked uniform (I could not see any blood). The picture is from wikipedia, because I had been banned from taking pictures. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand started the first world war in some kind of weird way, that I don't understand. I am going to Sarajevo next week, so I hope to find out more,.