Friday, September 17, 2010

Schönbrunn Palace.

So I have spent the day doing pleasant tourist things in Vienna. After breakfast I took the underground to the Schönbrunn Palace. This was a huge summer palace. I didn't go into the building, but I wondered around the extensive gardens. I wasn't really in the mood for looking at plush rooms.

The gardens of the palace were vast and full of interestingly things. I saw a fountain and a Roman ruins (that was probably fake). There were Eygptian hieroglyphs on a obelisk on one of the fountains, that was meant to celibrate the history of the royal family. As the notice pointed out, the information was actually written before Eygptian hieroglyphs were translated.

There were signs for a labyrinth, but I could not find the entrance. The story of my life I thought. Eventually I did find the start of the maze and payed 2.90 Euros to go in. It was a small maze, and there were enough big trees. But I started to sweat in case I got lost. There were a number of children on an observation desk. I didn't want to be laughed at. Anyway it was a bit disappointing for a maze.