Sunday, September 05, 2010

Presenting Science

I spent part of the weekend reading "Presenting Science" by Cigdem Issever and Ken Peach. The book explained how to present science talks, mostly with an electronic presentation. The book contained a lot of hints about the format of the presentation, such as what to put and not put on the border.

I have seen some very memorable talks by Ken Peach. Although he seemed bored and tired in the last talk that I saw him give. This might have been casued by it being Saturday morning at a local summer school.

I am personally still bitter that many audience members complained to me about my use of the "Alien Glow" template in talks. The background was black and the letters were luminous green. People claimed that it made them feel ill. In the book, Issever and Peach, suggest that the talk should reflect the personality of the speaker. So perhaps I will start using it again.

Also after reading the book I think I should tell fewer necrophilia jokes to spice up my physics presentations.