Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dear Radio 6 I still hate prog, but I like Henry Cow

Last night after watching TV for a hour before I went to bed I started to youtube for a bit. Google suggested I might like Henry Cow. Umm I thought, I dimly remember that Henry Cow have been played on the freakzone show and they are a prog band. Stuart Maconie (presenter of the freakzone) is a big fan of prog music. In fact I often that his ambition is to make prog music more main stream again. In fact many of the radio 6 presenters love prog music in a very unhealy way.

I was a bit too young to be too influencced by Punk.  However I do know that prog music is shit in the same intuitive way that I hate Manchester United. If I am honest I am not sure why I hate prog music
I didn't like the keyboard sounds and the very long solos. It just seemed to be played by nasty hippies.

Having said that when I played the youtube video below,  I was blown away. I am a big fan of Phil Ochs anyway. This is a great cover. And it doesn't sound too proggy.


So I clicked on another Henry Cow video on you tube.

So the above video is much more proggy and yet I still love it. This is more free jazz than standard commerical prog shit. I know I am getting old, but I can't be seen to like prog. Wikipedia says they are an avant-rock band. Phew so that works for me.

I still fucking hate the band yes.