Sunday, October 21, 2012

I lust after a glass of Thunderbird wine

Reading the the book "Big Sur" made me sad. Jack Kerouac is slowly sinking under the booze. He can tell his life is falling apart,  but he just can't stop.  He still has power and insight, but I guess he would lose that soon. One time Ginsberg wants him and Kerouac to go and see some hippy Buddhist guy. Jack Kerouac says no, but goes and buys a bottle of thunderbird wine and drinks it out on the street. Later Ginsberg comes back and drinks with Jack.

Having said all that I have become obsessed about drinking a glass of thunderbird wine. I want it in a brown paper bag. Even with the Internet it doesn't look so easy to get hold of it.  I have a bad feeling that I will be at a restaurant in the US with a group of professional people. When the waiter asks "what kind of wine do you want". I will say "Thunderbird wine" and the room will go quiet, and the waiter will say "we don't serve that here. Try the store by the pawn store."

Hey man, Thunderbird wine has introduced me to Townes Van Zandt  I am now going to buy
Live At The Old Quarter, Houston, Texas for 20 Euros, so I will have no money for thunderbird wine.