Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vacuum flasks

I often take the train from Wuppertal to Regensburg. The trip takes about 6 hours. So I decided what I really need is a flask of tea to keep me in fluid during the journey. So I went to the Real supermarket in Wuppertal in the old building where Wallmark used to trade before the Germans forced them out.

I picked up a cheap flask, but at the till the clerk could not find the price or bar code. He then rang up the next floor to get them to find the price. All the other customers in the queue looked at me with hate for the delay. After a long time, I payed 12 Euros and I left the store with a vacuum flask. I also had fantasies of drinking tea from my flask as I sit on my balcony and try to read all the books I have been buying.

My favourite writer from Japan called Yukio Mishima wrote a great short story about a man who was scared by vacuum flasks.