Sunday, October 15, 2006


In the book "the human zoo", Desmond Morris notes that it is important to fell under some pressure to do things, otherwise you find that you get nothine done. When I first moved to Glasgow, I was quite tired from the long move so I didn't push myself, so I din't get much done. After I imposed some deadlines, I found myself doing things, but my stress levels went up. I find that if I want to start crying when I walk home from work then I am probably trying to push myself too far. I was thinking that I need to take up some kind of hobby to keep the stress beast at bay. One thought was gardening. This is meant to be relaxing. But first, before I can start my new hobby, I thought I need to buy some new tools. So I went on ebay and bourght a machete. When I look out of mt third floor flat I see a couple of trees stuck in the concrete of a Glasgow tenment block. They are some clumps of grass stuck in the concrete, but you can never tell when weeds take over. My sword was stolen when I lived in Liverpool, so I feel I am owed some really sharp gardening equipment.