Monday, October 16, 2006

wet patch

There was a US punk band whose name I have forgotten who played a song called "sleeping in the wet patch.". I went to see them play in Salt Lake City, but they didn't play that song. I was reminded of their song when I was about to go to bed last night. There was a wet patch on my bed. I looked to the ceiling, but there was no leak. Perhaps, a couple had sneaked into my bedroom and done the dead. The door on my flat is fairly strong, so I doubt that anyone could have sneaked in. Perhaps, some kind of witch or beast from a different dimension telported in. Seems kind of mean to despoil my bed with out the common curtesy of allowing me to watch. After some thought I decided that the wet patch was due to the towel I had left on my bed after my shower earlier in the day. The trouble with being a scientist is that occult always has to give way to the common place. Many people tell me that blogs are trivial and full of weak and bad writing, but it is clear that blogs sometimes contain a deeper Freudian truth.