Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Dreams of broken water pipes

I feel under a lot of stress at the moment. I am applying for a visa and it involves complicated forms and sending off my passport through the post. So many things could go wrong  and there is not a lot of time before the flight.

Last night I dreamed the bath room and bedroom had wet spots on the ceiling from broken water pipes. It didn't look like it would be long for the roof to collapse. I told my landlord. He looked at the dark spots of doom on the ceiling and then told me there was no problem. I pressed him and he bet me a beer that the ceiling wouldn't fall down. I woke and was stressing about the ceiling. When I went into the toilet I saw there were no problems with the ceiling.

When I lived in Liverpool the ceiling of my bathroom did collapse because of the crap plumbing in the flat upstairs.