Monday, April 01, 2013

Goodbye to Singapore

Final day in Singapore. Boohoo it is back to the west for broken old Craig. I was in Bangkok this morning, Because work is paying for the flight from Singapore tn Germany it seemed simpler to fly back from my very short break in Thailand to Singapore. At least it seemed simple when I booked the flight. I started to worry that the passport people in Singapore might worry that i just popped over to Bangkok to smuggle some stuff back to Singapore. I also had no printed proof of travel detail back from Singapore. I did have the details on my phone

As it happened I just wrote on the entry form to Singapore that I was just going to be there for a day and they guy at passport control barely looked at what I wrote, but stamped the form and passport.

I was flying back with KLM. It was not clear whether they were a hard  core airline like Ryanair, where you get shouted at if you don't have a Internet printed out boarding card. There were kiosks to print off the boarding passes so all my worrying was in vain.

Anyway I went back into the city via he train. I had decided to go to Orchard road, because this was an area of Singapore that is famous for the shopping. I though the shopping options would be lots of interesting shops or outside market stalls.
When I got to the railway station I found it was hidden in a vast Mall. After about 20 minutes I found the exit, but it was so hot outside. The Orchard road area seemed like a large number of malls linked together. I did walk outside for a bit. I found yet another mall with some bars in. I really wanted to drink a Singapore sling cocktail, but I settled on drinking a Japanese real ale pub. I only drank one beer. There was a couple sitting close to me. I think they were work colleagues. The guy was offering advice, but perhaps he wanted to start an affair. The woman laughed a lot in a way I would never get tired of. True she worked for Microsoft, but you can't have everything.

After one beer I took the train back to the airport.