Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why it is important to keep the hate for Thatcher alive

Although there are people saying it is disrespectful to talk badly about Thatcher now that she is dead, in some sense the arguments about the cost of Thatcher's funeral is not about her as such, but the poisonous hold of her ideas.  The financial meltdown and the bankers bonus issue were both the consequence of her policies. If she is covered with glory the same mistakes will be made again.

I don't see how her funeral should be bigger than Attlee's. His government created the NHS and freed India from the colonial yoke. Some how the public school trained politicians love her, but she must remind them of matron.

The most depressing thing about Thatcher's funeral was the clever insightful piece by Russell Brand 
I thought Brand was a dick when he was a DJ on radio 6, but this article is clever enough.

What we really need is something similar to what Hunter S Thompson wrote about Nixon. about Thatcher.