Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First night in Munich

I was at a meeting in Regensburg last Thursday and  Friday. After the meeting I went to Munich for a day on Friday. It takes about two hours on the train. I was really suffering with a bad cold. I booked a hotel close to the main railway station. I found it quick enough.
After I dropped my stuff off I thought I should explore Munich, although my body really only wanted to go to sleep.

 I walked away from the railway station in the general direction of the centre of the city. My feet were hurting  and I was really ill, so I had to sit down in a park for a while. I found a central area. It was about 18:00, so it seemed like a time for a a beer. But I searched and searched but I could not find a bar. I didn find a beer garden, but there were no free tables. It was so cold as well. I followed sign for the English Garden. After limping there it was a garden, but no beer. How very unEnglish.

I walked back to the concrete. I found a bar with outside tables and I drank two beers, but it was very cold.

After that I was ready for some food. I limped off to find a place to eat. I decided to try hofbraeu haus. It took a while for me to find. I just followed a bunch of tourists. At some point it started to rain briefly. I found the place but it was full of people and chaos. Everyone was drinking huge beers. I was sweating badly from my cold. I left. I was getting hungry. I passed a kebab shop, but I thought no, I should try some Bavarian food. I found a small restaurant in a backstreet. There were seats outside, but I couldn't take the cold. The waiter set me on a bench with other people inside. I was feeling hot and flustered in a bad way. The food came quick. It was beef and dumplings -- I dish I often see in the University of Wuppertal Mensa.

After my food I decided to go back to my hotel. I was going to get a taxi, but I ended up in Marienplatz  There was a S bahn station that took me back to the railway station. There were a lot of people drinking bottles of beer outside the railway station. There were police watching them. If I had been well I would have gone to a bar, but I was too ill.