Monday, April 01, 2013

More Singapore

After the visiting the Marina in Singapore, I took the train to the little India part of Singapore. This was a very busy crazy part of Singapore.  Obviously this area had a Indian feel. I found an Indian restaurant which turned out to be full of westerners. The food was good after I had convinced the waiter that I could take spicy food. There were more authentic options to eat, but I didn't want too risk getting sick in the tummy.

Then I took the train to an area called little China. This had a more Chinese feel to it. It was more organized than the Indian section. The shops were bigger. There was a more wealth in the Chinese section than in the Indian section. I walked around for a while until the heat got to me.

I took the train back to a station close to the University. I then took a cab to the guest house on the  campus. The cab driver didn't see the campus very well, so he didn't manage to find the guest house, but just dropped me off somewhere vaguely close.

There was a little shop close to the guest house. It sold beer, but it mostly sold very high strength lagers.