Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A meal at Nandos in Plymouth

There is a Nandos restaurant in the centre of Plymouth. I was tempted to try it, particularly after I heard on the radio, that Micky Flannagan's opera loving wife was pissed at him for offering to take her on a date to a Nandos in London.

Anyway as part of my stacation I decided I should try something new every day. So Tuesday's new thing was a meal at Nando's. I had only eaten soup and bread at lunch time, but I wasn't that hungry. so I just ordered garlic bread and chicken and a bottle of Brazilian beer. When the food turned up, I thought this must be the starter. At some stage I will get this big chicken dish. The dish had two pieces of bread and some weird small orange thing. After a while I tasted the orange things. Fu*ck man this is the chicken. The food was fine and the staff were helpful, but I doubt I will go there again.

The other people in the restaurant were very enthusiastic and excited. There were big groups of young and older women. Perhaps I am being a bit snobby about the experience. I am so stressed at the moment that my mind is not fully in reality.