Sunday, April 13, 2014

A (short) night out in Plymouth

I used to go out a lot when I lived in Liverpool, mostly to see live bands play. But I went out less in Glasgow and even less in Wuppertal. Now when I go out for a beer, it is just after work. There is a different vibe to the drinkers at 18:00, than at 22:00. I normally watch TV after 22:30.

This Easter I am on a mission to de-stress, so I thought I would go out at 22:00 last night and leave the TV at home. It is quieter at the moment, because most of the students are away. Still as I walked to an area called Mutley, there were a number of groups of guys shouting at each other on the street. The optimal route to the pub involved walking through a well lit park. The park seemed safe enough.

The first pub I went to , had about 10 people in it. I drank a beer while groups of guys walked by. I went to the next bar with sawdust on the floor.  There were more people in this bar, but not nearly enough to say the bar was half full. It was a slightly crazy bar, with some guys shouting at each other in a friendly way. I drank a beer and a Pernod. One young woman was dancing and talking with guys she didn't know in a wasted way. All the bar staff were beautiful in a tattooed kind of way. The manager was a huge solid guy, not fit, but solid.

Anyway I went home, turned on the TV and opened a beer. I am not sure I am missing anything, but not going out.