Tuesday, August 10, 2004

DVDs and imagination

I am beginning to worry that my imagination is poorly. As I wonder the streets the Liverpool in a dream like state, my so called dreams look familiar. Unfortunately, I am not connected to ancient but lost civilizations (around the bronze age), but am just getting flashbacks from the recent DVDs I have watched. How dreary! I need some exercise for my imagination. I know there are books I could read. I met somebody in the pub who was recording his dreams for a creative writing class. I did say I felt that having something to write about was an important prerequisite for attending a creative writing class. Perhaps, I am not the problem. Perhaps, all reality is encoded in DVD films. There are hidden messages about the meaning of it all and hints on the quest to immortality hidden in those little disks. I am convinced I need to watch more DVDs. Sounds like the plot from Pi though.