Sunday, August 08, 2004


I drank some nice sake last night. Tesco now sells sake for 6 pounds a bottle. This is more reasonable than paying 8 at oddbins. I need to get a sake drinking set. It looks like e-bay is the place for that. I only have one sake drinking cup. Experience has shown my enthusiasm for sake is greater than those around me. (Although my mum seems to always want a refill when we eat out at Japanese restaurants). I do like sake. I think it might give me magical powers. Perhaps, it will make me immortal, or make me impervious to bullets. There are clearly mountain spirits swirling in the sake, that are released from bondage by my act of raising the sake cup to my lips. I watched the end of: Duel at Ichijoji temple. This was part 2 of a samurai trilogy. The film confirmed what I had always thought: women like men with swords. The film does have the line like "through my training I have discovered I like my sword more than you".