Sunday, August 15, 2004


I just got another rejection email from the Today program. This is part of my campaign to be allowed to do a "prayer for today slot". Here is the email. One day I will be on. --------------------------------------- Dear Craig, Thank you for sending us yet another tape of you doing a prayer for today slot. I think you misunderstand at a fairly basic level, one of the key ideas behind 'prayer for today'. This slot is meant to have some kind of religious content. You on other hand seem to oscillate between a deep hatred of God (and no doubt of yourself) and a fairly deep conviction in his nonexistence. After listening to your piece I became firmly convinced that a morality can not be torn from theology. I am sure that finding meaning from being on the toilet is quite amusing to the "Tate Modern crowd", but most normal people find it just crude. As for the sound effects, I personally would not wish them on Tony Blair. This is not the kind of thing a person wants to listen to at 7:50 in the morning. Please don't bother to send us any more tapes. In fact we are not even so happy knowing that you are listening to us. Try Radio 1. Regards, The editor (Today Program, Radio 4)

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