Sunday, August 01, 2004

street people

I spent all day at work today. I was going to note that there are less prostitutes and druggies hanging around the University of Liverpool campus. Sunday usually puts more street people on the street looking for money. I worry that police have moved the people off somewhere else so that I can go to the spar shop and buy microwave burgers in peace. That would be bad. The next stage would be moving to a walled in community. On reflection somebody asked for 40p from me yesterday. I didn't give them anything, but I had the opportunity to part with some spare change. I am still compassionate! My life is pretty sad, if the highlight of the weekend was going to the spar, I can change this lifestyle. I am going to buy the nose hair trimmer from Amazon and an electric toothbrush. That will impress the ladies! Although I will miss the ability to open beer bottles with my nose hair. I have always found that to be a good party trick that breaks the ice.