Sunday, March 26, 2006


I have had a lot of problems with my ankle. It seems to have totatally distorted the way I walk. One person, helpfully suggested that the problem may be due to gout. As I am in denial, I decided I would not look this up on google. What I remember of gout is that it has something to do with alchol abuse, but also it is also a disease of the upper classes. I would have expected the squire of the manor to have gout, but not a humble grunt as my goodself. It is clear what to do for a cure. It is a three step program: i) no more fancy restaurants, such as Burger King, for me. A good clean honest bag of chips is all the substance that I need. ii) watch more football games. Squires don't watch football, so it will help with the cure. iii) Read the sun newspaper. On the other hand, the "house" TV series has made limping kind of cool. Although people seem to get annoyed when they have to wait a long time to get from A to B.