Sunday, March 19, 2006

murder 0

I think I would like to increase the readership of this BLOG. I need some kind of stunt to pull people in. I am very slowly reading "in cold blood" by Capote. This is the take of two men who murder a family at a farmhouse. It caused a sensation at the time, because although the events were real Capote made up dialogue, both internal and external. In this age of BLOGs and 24 hour news, it is clear the next step is to use a BLOG to plan a murder. THat would be much authentic than made up dialogue by some fancy New York writer. Of course people routinely use video tapes to document their blood splattered crimes, but a BLOG entry is much more literary. I can see a number of problems with this idea. 1) The Police don't think it such a good idea and I get charged with being mentally unstable in charge of a BLOG. "Yes, constable I do know that murder is illegal, but isn't planning it like some kind of creative act" 2) My work thinks that I am bringing the department into disrepute and I get a bollocking. I guess I will have to find a way this will enhance the departments RAE rating. 5* or death. 3) I plan the murder by BLOG, but someone else does it. This would be like the plot of the film "strangers on the train". I don't think I would like this. Also I wouldn't be very popular in Liverpool. People might think I was evil, or something. Anyway, if I did plan a murder on the BLOG, I would get more readers. Also, I might be interviewed on the Today program. Life is full of many tough choices.