Monday, March 06, 2006

Sophie Solomon

Normally, I f**king hate musicians with their overt in your face skill and jargon. I am more a lyrics person, but bands need people to play as well. The only instrumental bands that have ever made an impression on me are: John Coltrain (just awesome), Shadowy men on a shadowy planet ( because they had to get their album approved by the queen, because they are Canadian), and Mogwai (because they play a great set at the Barfly a couple of years ago). Anyway given my prejidice against musicians, I still went to see Sophie Solomnon play at the Caling accademy. She plays the violin. It was a good set. I even got the CD. Yeah, there was a bit of lyric to hook people in like me, but there is a kind of intensity in the playing that I liked. I was unsure about the set, when she started out. She seemed like, she wanted the clasical thing and to be a rock chick. A female version of Nigel Kennedy. Perhaps, I am a sucker because a tune was learnt on battleship in the Ukraine (??). I can't say that I go to many gigs where people wear wollen cloaks. Well don't expect to see me in the clasical music section of Virgin or HMV. Nigel Kennedy is still a twat, but perhaps I might move my count of musicians who move me to the large number of 4.