Friday, March 17, 2006

Lady vengeance

I went out to see the film "Lady Vengeance" on Wednesday. This was the third part of the vengeance trilogy by the Koread director Park Chan-Wook. I had first seen the film "oldboy" by the same director. THis had just blown me away with its violence, insanity and total power. I enjoyed Lady vengance don't get me wrong. There was a strange mix of almost comedy, mixed with painful emotions, and topped off with violence. Watcing the heroine's face as she got other people to murder the villan of the film was disturbing. Parts of the film were very painful to watch while others were just cool. I still like oldboy as the best film out of the trilogy, but that might be because it appeals to the loner in me. The film had a sense of ambiguity about it that I liked. It was never clear what peoples motives were.