Thursday, March 23, 2006

Murder 1

Obviously, the first thing I need to about this murder thing is to plug the word "murder" into google.,GGLC:1970-01,GGLC:en&q=murder Normally, I would try and do this from an anonymous machine, such as the ones in Macdonalds or at an internet cafe. I don't want to get caught of course. Anyway, I am not sure that google is of much help here. I don't see how a murder victim support group is going to help me in my quest. One of the paid links looks useful. I can find out whether an ex-con lives next door. Given that I live in Toxteth, that is fairly likely. Perhaps, I could get the ex-con to do the deed for me. The paid advert link to the teen sucide prevention link is sort of strange to pop up when you search on "murder". Perhaps, it helps the CID. The Wikiepedia link is interesting. If the victim lives longer than a year and a day, after the attack, then in common law, this is not classed as murder. If only I had practised more my Dim Mak karta, then my method would be clear.